Destino Desconocido CHRISTMAS VERSION (Feliz Navidad!)

Destino Desconocido CHRISTMAS VERSION (Feliz Navidad!)

A Christmas song for the end of a difficult 2020 – Find your “Christmas Destination” that no-one knows about! Original song released October 2, 2020 now includes Christmas sleigh bells, church bells, a new mix, new “far out” artwork and a new YT video)

This song is about leaving the busy life and stress of working and technology – and finding a way to your “Destination Unknown” – which could be a secret place no one knows but yourself, or a journey to truly an unknown place due to just wanting to get away. The destination might also include a return trip to our forgotten values. (SPANISH) “Destino Desconocido” es una canción sobre la necesidad que todos tenemos de escapar de nuestra agitada vida, del stress, de la tecnología que nos inunda y, a veces, de escapar de nosotros mismos. Todos queremos encontrar un lugar secreto, un destino desconocido, real o imaginario, donde sentirnos libres, donde podemos ser nosotros mismos, donde volver a nuestra esencia y nuestros verdaderos valores.


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